social media Social media - everybody does it, but not everyone does it well. You know instinctively that there’s a big difference between strategic social media marketing for your organization and posting vacation pics on Facebook. But articulating that difference, and figuring out what it means for your business, is often a challenge. That’s where an eaHELP virtual assistant (VA) comes in. Many of our VAs have extensive experience when it comes to scheduling content to different channels and managing Read More
shutterstock_209914660 The hiring and screening process we use here at eaHELP is pretty intense. In fact, we sometimes refer to it as our version of Survivor – only a select few clear all the hurdles to become an eaHELP virtual assistant (VA). In fact, only 6 percent of the people who apply to become eaHELP VAs ever make it through to the contract phase. That’s how seriously we take our promise to our clients that we’ll provide them with the very best VAs anywhere. So, how do we do it? Our talent acquisition Read More
iStock_000005074130Small On eaHELP's list of core values, the very first statement reads - "God: He is our number one. He gets the glory, not us." In a culture that seems to be moving more and more towards focusing all the glory on ourselves (why else would someone invent the selfie stick?), choosing to give the glory to Someone or something else is challenging. And that's exactly why we stated our value of worshipping our Creator the way we did. We know that without keeping that value in the first position as a company, Read More
DeathtoStock_Wired2 Creating a positive corporate culture where your team wants to keep their foot on the gas pedal all the way to work is not easy. And when the commute is down the hall at home? Well, that makes things a little more complicated. We talk a lot (a lot!) about how working in an all-virtual organization is awesome. And it is! But it's not without its challenges. We asked our CEO Bryan Miles how he helps our team overcome some of those at eaHELP. Here are his thoughts: Communicate… Over-communicate. Read More
shutterstock_99539501 When someone says, “Thank you. That means a lot.” Or, “We’re grateful for you!” it makes an impression, right? Grace and gratitude, when given freely, stick with us. At eaHELP, gratitude is another core value. We are thankful…and our gratitude drives our actions. Gratitude is a way of thinking, and acting, that permeates throughout our business. It’s the way we treat our clients, our VAs and our team. Quite honestly, it takes some getting used to at first, hearing even our most senior Read More
shutterstock_189271451 Why do some clients stay and some leave? We think it has to do with the "R" word - relationships. Great relationships in any area of life take a lot of time, effort and work. But in the end, aren’t the things you work hardest for the most rewarding? It's the same when it comes to building a strong relationship with your VA. We’ve found that clients who have had the most success in this context and have seen the most return on their investment, are the ones who invest themselves. Here are some Read More
VA_Podcast_FeaturedImage Subscribe to The Virtual Assistant Podcast iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Welcome to this week's episode of the Virtual Assistant Podcast! Watch for new episodes every other Monday, highlighting how eaHELP clients are using virtual assistants to take their businesses further, faster. We're pleased to welcome Ben Goetz as our guest this week. ‎Ben Goetz is a business execution coach focused on helping owners and entrepreneurs build teams that gain traction and get results. In this Read More
Christmas Photo 2013 005 We’re always amazed at the ways people come to be part of the eaHELP virtual assistant (VA) army – the relationships and referrals are evidence to us that we’re on the right track when it comes to building an organization full of amazing people. And one of those incredible people is eaHELP VA Beth Moffatt. Beth was just starting out on the “empty nester” life with her husband, as their two daughters were in college. Beth had spent their growing-up years as the owner of her own music Read More
shutterstock_121142038 The ideas of delegation and stewardship might seem to be in conflict with each other. After all, delegating is handing over responsibility to another, while stewardship is taking responsibility for something yourself. However, if you’re going to be an effective leader, learning to delegate effectively and consistently is absolutely key to being a good steward of your resources. Making the most of your unique gifts and abilities, as well as those on your team, will make you a better steward of Read More
shutterstock_164665187 If you’ve been following this series about our Core Values, you might be thinking, “Yeah, right. Sounds too good to be true.” But we’re here to tell you it’s the real deal. Our team would move the moon to protect our corporate culture and our core values. And we live them out every day. So far, you’ve heard about the way we approach teamwork and our passion to serve. And today, we’ll look at another core value—vision. Since we’re coming off of Super Bowl weekend, we’ll keep Read More

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