shutterstock_1641321 How many people need things from you this week? Your family, your organization, your customers and clients, your church, your community - who else? Being available to fulfill the commitments you've made to these people - which we know you want to do - means you've got to be ruthless when protecting your time against all the things that want to suck it away and prevent you from accomplishing what you really want to accomplish. Here are seven quick tips and tools to help you banish the time sucks Read More
shutterstock_233991007 The eaHELP team is an incredibly dedicated group - they're amazing at their jobs, they're committed to their families, and they serve as leaders in their churches and communities. With all these responsibilities, taking care of ourselves can often fall to the bottom of our "To Do" lists. That's why we think it's so great that our employees have started their own efforts to encourage each other in their health and wellness efforts. Created by two of our team members, our "MAGsanity" program (named Read More
shutterstock_73492042 Since eaHELP is an all-virtual company, we take cyber security pretty seriously. And as reports of cyber attacks continue to appear in the media, you may be taking cyber security more seriously these days too. To help you figure out where to start when it comes to making your virtual work environment more sure, our Digital Project Manager Laina Moore offers up these six suggestions: 1. Change your passwords every 90 days. You can use tools like LastPass or 1Password to generate random passwords Read More
shutterstock_181367714 We talk with leaders every day who are struggling to find the time they need to work on the projects and task that really matter to their organizations. And when you're stretched that tight, finding the time to even think about adding a new virtual assistant (VA) to your team can seem like yet another "to do" on your endless list. That's why we've put together this quick list of the top nine reasons turning over the VA search and hiring process to eaHELP is going to be the best thing you can do for Read More
shutterstock_142273132 The term "road warrior" conjures up images of dashing through airports with a carry-on in tow, running past banks of windows as jumbo jets climb through the sky. But for many of our eaHELP clients with a packed travel schedule, being a road warrior means a life full of cancellations, rescheduled flights, expense reports and currency conversions. And that's why our clients say having an eaHELP virtual assistant (VA) helps make a life of the road so much smoother. Here's how an eaHELP VA can smooth Read More
caleigh_wilson_headshot “If it was supposed to be fun, it wouldn’t be called work…” Ever heard that phrase? We don’t really buy into it here at eaHELP – and that’s because we have people like Caleigh Wilson on our team, who show us that it’s possible to love what you do and do what you love, all at the same time. Caleigh was working as the communications director at her church in Austin, Texas, but was harboring a dream of moving to Los Angeles to pursue her life-long passion for acting. “I studied Read More
copy-cropped-cropped-shn-logo-3 An entrepreneur, by definition, is “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.” How about adding “hustler” to that definition? That’s what an entrepreneur really is after all, yes? And Nick Loper, Chief Side Hustler at, definitely agrees. Entrepreneurs are most definitely hustlers. In a recent TEDx Talk, Nick said, “We live in a world where only 30 percent of us are inspired Read More
social media Social media - everybody does it, but not everyone does it well. You know instinctively that there’s a big difference between strategic social media marketing for your organization and posting vacation pics on Facebook. But articulating that difference, and figuring out what it means for your business, is often a challenge. That’s where an eaHELP virtual assistant (VA) comes in. Many of our VAs have extensive experience when it comes to scheduling content to different channels and managing Read More
shutterstock_209914660 The hiring and screening process we use here at eaHELP is pretty intense. In fact, we sometimes refer to it as our version of Survivor – only a select few clear all the hurdles to become an eaHELP virtual assistant (VA). In fact, only 6 percent of the people who apply to become eaHELP VAs ever make it through to the contract phase. That’s how seriously we take our promise to our clients that we’ll provide them with the very best VAs anywhere. So, how do we do it? Our talent acquisition Read More
iStock_000005074130Small On eaHELP's list of core values, the very first statement reads - "God: He is our number one. He gets the glory, not us." In a culture that seems to be moving more and more towards focusing all the glory on ourselves (why else would someone invent the selfie stick?), choosing to give the glory to Someone or something else is challenging. And that's exactly why we stated our value of worshipping our Creator the way we did. We know that without keeping that value in the first position as a company, Read More

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