shutterstock_150097508 As our nation prepares for our national day of thanksgiving on Thursday, we wanted to take a few moments to talk about what we’re grateful for here at eaHELP. We've told you why we're so incredibly grateful for our clients and our rock star VEAs, and today we want to highlight the people who keep all the many, many plates that make up eaHELP spinning - our Corporate Team. There are more than 30 corporate team members who help keep this whole thing going. The amount of stuff they get done is Read More
shutterstock_150097508 As our nation prepares for our national day of thanksgiving next week, we wanted to take a few moments to talk about what we’re grateful for here at eaHELP. We talked about our clients earlier this week, and today we want to say an enormous "thank you" to the coolest group of virtual executive assistants (VEAs) on the planet! Our VEAs are an incredible army of servants who are helping hundreds of leaders around the world accomplish amazing things. We know that's a lot of adjectives, but seriously Read More
shutterstock_150097508 As our nation prepares for our national day of thanksgiving next week, we wanted to take a few moments to talk about what we're grateful for here at eaHELP. First off - our clients. It may seem pretty obvious why we're grateful for our clients - without them, we wouldn't be here. They're the reason we exist, and their continued financial and emotional support keeps our entire team going. But there are many more reasons why we're grateful for our clients. Here's just a few: They help us learn. Read More
Lisaheadshot It takes time and trust to develop a successful client/virtual executive assistant (VEA) relationship. But once you do, there’s no stopping what you can accomplish. Just ask eaHELP VEA Lisa Forehand. Lisa had been out of the workforce for around seven years, staying home with her three children, when her husband heard that his former colleague Bryan Miles was starting up a firm to provide VEA services. Lisa’s children were all in school at that point, and a recent move for her husband’s Read More
LifeWayStoresLogo We're delighted to announce that eaHELP is the newest endorsed partner of LifeWay Christian Resources! This new endorsement will connect eaHELP’s virtual executive assistants (VEAs) with LifeWay’s customer base of church leaders across the nation, and allow those leaders to expand their churches and leadership to reach even more lives for Christ. “LifeWay represents exactly the kind of endorsement eaHELP wants when it comes to helping leaders connect with the power of using a VEA in their Read More
VA_Podcast_FeaturedImage Subscribe to The Virtual Assistant Podcast iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Welcome to this week's episode of the Virtual Assistant Podcast! Watch for new episodes every other Monday, highlighting how eaHELP clients are using virtual assistants to take their businesses further, faster. We're pleased to welcome Dr. Rebecca Tudor as our guest this week. Dr. Tudor is a veterinarian surgeon who helps patients and clients get back to full health. She also runs a coaching and community business Read More
shutterstock_81172699 (1) Do you want to be a great leader? Someone who blazes trails in your industry or community, someone people look up to and want to emulate? Then you've got to get a grip on your calendar. You've got to stop acting like your calendar owns you, rather than the other way around. Again, we're going to urge you to take responsibility when it comes to your schedule - things don't just magically appear there. At some point, you made it apparent to those around you that they can take up chunks of your time. Read More
shutterstock_204827452 Remember when the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's were relaxing times to spend with family and friends? Yeah, we really can't either. We're heading into some of the busiest, most stressful days of the year - days that are marketed as "the most wonderful time of the year" but days that are typically full of activity, stress, obligations and undone tasks. Your job still needs all your attention - but so do your children, your spouse, your neighbors, your church... and the list goes on. It Read More
shutterstock_124542523 One of the cool things we've done recently is being part of the Dave Ramsey team's "Business Gets Personal" event in Manhattan earlier this month. And one of the coolest things we did for that event is provide an "event concierge" service, powered by one of our amazing eaHELP virtual executive assistants (VEA). We wanted to do two things with this offering - help make the "Business Gets Personal" event as awesome as possible for the attendees, and show those attending the event yet another service Read More
shutterstock_162315959 We think we’ve created something pretty special here at eaHELP, and our more than 300 team members across the country would agree. To help you understand how we’ve done it, we’re taking a deeper look at what our employees think make us great. Today, we’ll look at how regular celebration helps us stay connected and cohesive. When you're working with an entirely virtual team, it can be quite easy to forget how much we need to connect with each other. Not only to sync up on projects and Read More

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