In one word … “grateful” summarizes eaHELP’s heartbeat with our Clients and Partners. We’re grateful to have Clients who work alongside us and grant us front-row access to their lives, their teams, and business processes/systems. Below you will find kind words our Clients and Partners have said about the care they received, the eaHELP team they encountered, and the Virtual Assistants they’ve worked with. We believe it’s important to share what our Clients and Partners experience with us.

Our Clients come from very diverse backgrounds, experiences, and industries. We serve everyone from Consultants, Physicians, Professors, Start-Up Owners, Authors, High-Profile Personalities, Attorneys, Franchise Owners, C-Suite Executives, Pastors, Executive Directors, and other busy leaders and managers from Fortune 500 Corporations, Non-Profits, Schools, Churches, and Sole Proprietors. Pick an Industry … we probably have an administrative hand in it. Bottom line … we serve a lot of leaders with our Virtual Assistants!

Take a look at what all the buzz is about ...

- Stephanie Stanton, Founder — eaHELP featured on The Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show with Stephanie Stanton, TV journalist and creator of  She included us in a rundown of top jobs for stay-at-home moms. eaHELP is highlighted around 3:30 minutes into the video.
"The thing I love the most about having her is she makes me more efficient ... and frees up my time from busy work and allows me to focus on the things that only I can do. I can use her services and it saves me triple of my time." How valuable is she? "I have told her she will have to enter the witness protection program to get rid of me."
- Sheri Griffin — Co-Founder of the Home Theater Design Group ...  Read the full article from CE Pro Magazine here
- Andy Cook — Executive Director of Operations, Willow Creek Association
"After doing my research, I chose eaHELP (owned by the Miles Advisory Group). They are based in Atlanta but have virtual assistants all over the U.S. I am very high on eaHELP, it is a joy to connect you to a solution that could truly be a game-changer." Michael also had this to say about eaHELP and his EA on his podcast: LISTEN NOW (short clip)."
- Michael Hyatt — Former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Founder of, and New York Times Best Seller
"The concept of renting your company’s human resource needs has been around for a long time. Now, with eaHELP, technology can be infused with your support/admin expectations to deliver a service worthy of your 21st century standards."
- Charles Olcott — former President & CEO of the Burger King Corporation
"eaHELP has earned its position as an industry leader in virtual admin/support services ... because, in short ... they help leaders execute. The people with whom you choose to do business with can be one of the most important decisions a leader makes. To that end, I know the founders of eaHELP. You can trust them. They can become the "go to" provider for all of your administrative support needs."
- Jeffrey Hussey — Founder of F5 Networks and CEO Pura Vida Coffee