What We Do

EAMatch 300x199 What We DoYour Execution Engine!

Bottom line … our eaHELP EAs get stuff done!

Our goal is to fully integrate into your team, systems, and processes.

We offer the ability to get a local phone number if required and we endeavor to have your EA on your IT platform for integration … with the end-result of a fully integrated EA into your environment. Your EA from eaHELP will be assigned to you … so you can call, eMail, text, VM, or Skype with them just like any other member of your team. During our on-boarding process with you … we will map out your mission critical admin needs … so we can hit-the-ground running!

Our Clients come from very diverse backgrounds, experiences, and industries. We serve everyone from Consultants, Physicians, Professors, Start-Up Owners, Authors, High-Profile Personalities, Attorneys, Franchise Owners, C-Suite Executives, Pastors, Executive Directors, and other busy leaders and managers from Fortune 500 Corporations, Non-Profits, Schools, Churches, and Sole Proprietors. Pick an Industry … we probably have an administrative hand in it.

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Here’s a list of the common types of things/tasks/activities that our EAs do on a daily basis for our leaders.

• Calendar/Schedule Management
• eMail Management (Routing, Reply on Behalf-Of, & etc)
• Personal Tasks (Dental & Doctor Appointments, Reservations, Shows, 2nd/Vacation Homes)
• Coordination of Spouse/Family Calendar
• Professional Interaction with Senior Management, Teams, Employees, Prospects, Clients, Partners, Vendors, & etc
• Software Updates (Data Hygiene, Remote-Ins, User Interface Testing/QA, & etc)
• Update your CRM
• Return Calls and Voicemails, Wake Up Calls, Reminder Calls/Texts
• Travel Planning (Manage Travel Preferences for Air, Hotel, Car, Vacations, Private Charter Flights, & etc)
• Social Media Administration (Blogs/Postings, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Pinterest & etc)
• Meeting Confirmation (Meeting Requests, Address for GPS, Phone Numbers, Maps)
• Project Admin and/or Support (Basecamp, Gantt Charts, & Other PM Software)
• Reporting (Accounting, Data, Sales, Marketing, Research, Competitive, & etc)
• Research Assistance, Data Gathering, Fact Checking, Compilations (Statistical or Topical)
• Meeting Preparation & Notes
• Expense Reports
• Gift Buying (Cards, Flowers, Notes)
• Editing & Proofreading
• Dictation, News Consolidation
• Workflow Routing, Delegation & Reporting Progress
• Event Planning, Prep, Coordination, & Meal Planning
• On-line File Management
• Mail Screening & Forwarding
• Employee Candidate Screening & Interviews
• Document & Presentation Updating (PC and Mac)


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